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rx 4640 MSA 30

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rx 4640 MSA 30

I have a rx 4640 attached to MSA 30.I have installed windows 2003 enterprise. I also have two Smart Arrays controller 6400 connected in the Server.One for the the interal disk and the other for the MSA 30.I get this error"Device/scsi/cpqcissm not responding. I have configured RAID 5 with one spare drive .Suppose i want to change the Smart Array controller will i lose all my data.I mean the cache memory. Can u advice on which component i should change
kris rombauts
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Re: rx 4640 MSA 30

Hello Sakui,

if you plan to replace the SmartArray controller then the raid configuration that is stored on the hard disks will be read into the new SmartArray controller and you will not loose any data.

However, before you decide to replace the controller, their should be some more investigation into the error message really, i.e.:

- how many times do you see it
- is it only after a reboot ?
- is their a problem to access the data
that is on the disks of any of the 2
controllers ?
- which controller is this reported on, the
one with the internal disk or the one on
the MSA30 ?
- any other error messages logged ?
- latest drivers used and latest SmartArray