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rx 4640 access problem

ramy kh
Occasional Advisor

rx 4640 access problem


I have problem with rx 4640 the server is a node of 2 node cluster and one of five SAP servers
The site has faced a power problem and all the systems was shutted down i solved the problem of the other 4 but still the last one not accessible the server look like is on and the disks are green and during the boot the online indicator of the disks blinking green but actually I’m not able to telnet or to ping and I tried to connect serially with hyper terminal and putty but I couldn’t also I tried to reset the MP also I got nothing , so I’m not able to see what is the system problem and not able to collect the logs

Your soonest help will be appreciated
Honored Contributor

Re: rx 4640 access problem

I would check front panel and QuickFind diagnostic panel LEDs.