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rx2600 MP serial port

Timothy P. Jackson
Valued Contributor

rx2600 MP serial port

Hello Everyone,

I am having an issue gaining access to the MP. I am fairly new to the rx series so please hummor me with a dumb question.

Is the only MP serial port the 25 pin serial port on the back of the rx server?

If it is, does it require a special cable?

Right now I have a console cable connected to the 9 pin console port. From this port I cannot access the MP.

I have read a lot of the documents on selecting a console but none of them exactly explain which serial port is the real one for the MP or if it really even matters.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Avijit Sahoo
Occasional Contributor

Re: rx2600 MP serial port

Hi Tim,

u r talking about rx2600 server. In the rear side of the server, u can find DB25pin connector for console/remote/UPS and a MP LAN port.

1. You need a W or M cable for connecting to MP. It looks like, in one side DB25 female connector and other side 3 individual cables comes out one marked as console, one marked as remote and one for UPS.

2. You need a serial console cable or null modem cable with both side DB9 female connector.

You need to connect one end of serial console cable to your laptop which must b having a serial port and other end to must b connected to console marked W or M cable.

3. Then u need to open a hyper terminal or any of the terminal emulation SW. u need to select default settings with baud rate 9600.
the defaukt username: Admin
password: Admin

then u can log on to MP of the server
sujit kumar singh
Honored Contributor

Re: rx2600 MP serial port


as said yes, you shall require an M-Cable and connect that at the rear of the server in the 25-Pin Socket and use the coming out serial Connection. put in a serial cable, both side 9-pin female and connect one end to the M-cable "Serial" Limb and other to your Laptop/PC.

use hyperterm/Putty etc on the PC/Lpatop with the Serial Port set at 9600,N,8,1
Timothy P. Jackson
Valued Contributor

Re: rx2600 MP serial port

Thanks everyone for your help. It turns out they just did not ship the M cable with the system.