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rx2600 boot problem

Michael Ernstoff
Frequent Advisor

rx2600 boot problem

I have a brand new rx2600 with the HP 1825 flat panel screen, so the connection is VGA.

It is straight out of the box. I did not order it so I do not know if HP-UX is installed or not.
When I power on the screen wakes up, but just displays a flashing cursor.
On the front panel, the system light flashes orange every 1 second.
Operations and Maintenance Guide says I should view the event log, but how can I do this when I cannot get console access. I am not sure if keyboard is working or not. There is no response on the screen, and I cannot get CAPS lock to light up on the keyboard itself.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance
Scot Bean
Honored Contributor

Re: rx2600 boot problem

Make sure your VGA monitor is plugged into the "Management Processor" VGA console port on the rear of the machine. NOT an add on graphics card.

This is the port on the rear of the machine below and to the left of the key lock.

Also from the console, try using "ctrl-b" to get to the maintenance processor menus.

Flashing orange can mean
- attention: lets hope so (1/sec)
- fault: hopefully not (2/sec)
Michael Ernstoff
Frequent Advisor

Re: rx2600 boot problem

I have tried the Control-B.
I cannot plug monitor into the port you mentioned, as there is no suitable cable.
Scot Bean
Honored Contributor

Re: rx2600 boot problem

I thought the VGA cable port was fairly standard. If you are using the post/flat pin cables, there are adapter cables available.

If you can't put any old color tube on the port, you have 2 other options:
- use an ASCII dumb terminal in the adjacaent serial 0 port.
- there is also a LAN console jack, but this may be difficult to configure without a tube
Dave Lucas
Occasional Advisor

Re: rx2600 boot problem

Hello Micheal,

It sounds like your system is currently configured to send the display signal to either the serial port or the Management processor console port (marked console on the â Mâ cable).

This can be resolved by connecting to the M cable console port or the serial port A using a null modem cable and then watching for the EFI boot menu. You will them want to select Boot option maintenance menu > Select active output devices.

At this point you will have several devices listed, it is important that you do not unselect any of the devices that are currently selected (noted by a * next to the line). You will now want to select the line that looks similar to the following

ACPI (HWP0002,0)/PCI(4:0)

Save>Exit>reboot system

You should now receive output on your monitor.

Here are the Hyper terminal settings you will want to use.

HyperTerminal settings
Bits Per second: 9600
Data bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop bits: 1
Flow control: None
emulation =
Michael Ernstoff
Frequent Advisor

Re: rx2600 boot problem

Thanks for the help.
I will update this when I have got hold of some cables / adapters to try it.