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rx2600 image tool to create disaster image

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rx2600 image tool to create disaster image


i'm looking for an imaging tool like ghost, powerquest drive image or something else that runs on an IA64 enviroment.
I want to create an image of my logical drive (system disk). I'm looking for a tool thats bootable.
Installed on the server is Windows Server 2003 64bit(IA64)
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Re: rx2600 image tool to create disaster image

Interesting question.

If you google for
"building support solutions with windows"
you will find a microsoft presentation about
an environment called "Win PE". (runs also on itanium based systems).

Perhaps this is what you want.

BTW, I tried a similar environment called "BartPE" at home. It's a bootable windows from CD and works perfectly.

Hope this helps!

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