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rx2600 install insight Agent fails

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rx2600 install insight Agent fails

Hi everybody,

i have a problem with an integrity rx2600 server running windows 2003 64Bit Service Pack1.

i tried to install the latest Insight management Agents. But there comes an error:

"The installation procedure did not complete successfully. An error occurred during the setup process.

You may look at the setup log file for more details if desired.

Additional Information:
See more details in C:\windows\syswow64\cpqmgmt\HP_insight_management_Agents_install.log & C:\windows\system32\cpqmgmt\install_driver.log.

Press the 'Close' button to exit Setup."

when i open the log i see the following:

"(i) = information, (x) = warning/error

----- Log opened 1-6-2006 11:28:29-----
(i) The HP Insight Management Agents 3.0 installer is running.
(i) Installer is running in silent mode.
(i) Value hlthDriverInstallReturn does not exist.
(i) Beginning to check system requirements.
(i) The current user is an administrator.
(i) OS version is 5.2
(i) The OS is supported.
(i) System model was added to registry.
(i) The system model server rx2600 is supported.
(i) The SNMP service is installed.
(x) TopTools Agent 1.6.0 is installed.
Please uninstall this before installing the IM Agents software.
(x) This system does not meet the requirements for installation.
(i) Restoring services state.
(i) Starting services.
----- Log closed 1-6-2006 11:28:30-----"

its true there were TopTools Agent 1.6.0 installed on the system. I tried to uninstall them but the process was aborted. And now i always get an error message when i try to install the insight agents.

i found some information that says i have to reinstall TopTools Agents 1.6.0 and then uninstall them again.
But i can't find the TopTool Agents anywhere.

I hope out there is someone who can help me.
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Re: rx2600 install insight Agent fails


It seems that the Toptool version installed is not supported by the Insight Management agent you are trying to install. Hence it might be asking to uninstall it.
I guess this server is being configured as "managed system".

Which toptool version you have?
Which Insight manager version you are using?
What do you mean the toptool uninstall process aborted? Is it uninstall or not?
Which error you get when trying to install insight agant thereafter?

Refer this link for compatibility

Toptool 5.55 and 5.6 could be downloaded from
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Re: rx2600 install insight Agent fails


To Tools 1.6.0 Agent was installed
I try to install Insigt manager Agents

The TopTools uninstall aborted. So i tried to manually delete everything from the toptools files, regentrys that i could find.

But now i cant installed the sinsight agents with the error i posted above.

And after that i was looking up the internet and found a hint which said i should reinstall the Top Tools Agent 1.6.0 and the deinstall them again. But i cant find them anywhere.

The Link you postet with the Top Tools doesnt work.
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Re: rx2600 install insight Agent fails

got it woorking.

after i deletet everything from the Top Tools and the insight agents install failed. Everytime a idriver.exe process was generatet.

This page helped me to solve my problem:
(google "Error -1608: Unable to Create InstallDriver Instance")