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rx2600 installation

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Vidya B
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rx2600 installation

I would like to know which version of hp-ux can be installed on rx2600 itanium workstation.

To be more specific on what I am looking for, can I be able to install HP-UX 11i IPF OE (MPN: B9430AC) on a rx2600 itanium server?

I have tried installing Microsoft Windows 2003 x64 Enterprise Edition and found that I need Windows 2003 IA64 Enterprise Edition for hp rx2600.

Now I want to install hp-ux but couldn't find right version.
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Re: rx2600 installation


the ipf oe is a license for hp-ux on itanium, any media for hp-ux will be clearly marked ia64 or pa-risc.

good luck
rick jones
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Re: rx2600 installation

I thought that 11iv2 and 11iv3 media were "merged" for PA-RISC and Itanium. Anyhow, while some of the early 11iv2 (11.23) revs were Itanium (ia64/ipf) only, the later ones support both Itanium and PA-RISC.

I didn't check that it was supported, I just ass-u-me-d it was, but I recently put an 11iv3 (11.31) onto an rx2600 for some of my own nefarious porpoises.

However, you might want to make sure that all the firmware is up-to-date... system, BMC, MP etc etc...
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Re: rx2600 installation


Which product number of rx2600?

AFAIK this was the first version supported for the rx2600:

And the support matrix is here:

Vidya B
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Re: rx2600 installation

Here is some more information to identify the system configuration:

Product Name: server rx2600
Product Number: A6873A
System Bus Frequency: 200 MHz

BMC: 01.53
MP: E.03.30
ROM: 02.31
ROM Date: 03/11/2004
EFI: 1.10 [14.61]

Output of "info all" EFI Shell command is in attached text file.

Recently, I have upgraded all the firmwares to the latest versions.

So, it means HP-UX 11i IPF OE (MPN: B9430AC) cannot be installed on hp rx2600 itanium server.
Vidya B
Occasional Visitor

Re: rx2600 installation

hp-ux Itanium Processor Family (IPF) version can be installed on rx2600 server.