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rx2600 power issue

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David DiBiase
Frequent Advisor

rx2600 power issue

I replaced a power supply for an rx2600

It powered the machine for most of the day yesterday.

Today it is complaining the same way with the wobbling beep followed by two beeps. Sometimes it lights up the LED’s and according to the book it indicates a bad power supply.

I think something else if the power circuitry may be bad.

Any ideas where to start
Rita C Workman
Honored Contributor

Re: rx2600 power issue

Well you might check the power outlet to confirm it's plugged up to the right plug with the right amperage. Make sure nobody has tapped into that circuit.

Have you tried a hardware support call to HP. Does the power supply for this sit inside a cage - maybe it's the cage that is off.

David DiBiase
Frequent Advisor

Re: rx2600 power issue

good point I am heading to the data center tomorrow and will check.
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: rx2600 power issue

Check the status with

MP:CM> ps

and the MP logs.

Any fan failed? A failed fan may cause 1 power supply to go off to prevent overtemp.

Hope this helps!

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