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Roberto Samaniego
Occasional Visitor


Recently bought new rx2600 with OS pre-installed but unfortunately I 'm
not getting any display on the screen.

Infact this server was ordered without Keyboard, mouse and Monitor.
So I have used normal USB compatible Mouse & Keyboard and other PC compatible VGA Monitor. Is this the cause of problem?

adv. thanks & rgds,


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Mike Fisher_5
Trusted Contributor

Re: rx2600

Roberto -

Hello to the Argentine & welcome to THE forum
I'm not an expert on anything
I'm answering your question because no one else has yet !!
Here's what I've found on the web
I hope it helps a little
Near the end of the page it states: -

System Console Configurations
The HP Integrity rx2600's integrated Management Processor provides five methods for console connections

1] SSL-secured Web console accessible through the 10/100Base-T management LAN
2] Standard telnet connections accessible through the 10/100Base-T management LAN
3] Local VT100 or hpterm terminal, or VT100 or hpterm emulator via local RS-232 serial connection
4] Remote VT100 or hpterm terminal, or VT100 or hpterm emulator via external modem
5] VGA graphics console???supported on Windows, Linux, and HP-UX

Also here...
It gives the following information & part numbers:

video monitors:
18.1" LCD flat panel display P9021Y
19" color monitor P9009A
19" color monitor [Europe and Japan) P9009W

USB keyboard and USB scroll mouse A7861A
USB to PS/2 adapter keyboard A7782A

serial console C1099A:
not required if system is managed remotely, by video monitor, or by KVM switch

Kind regards
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Felipe Martinez
Frequent Advisor

Re: rx2600


Please tell me wath OS are you using and if you are going to use the graphic interface. I have a rx2600 too with HPUX / Linux and i will try to assist you.
Occasional Contributor

Re: rx2600

Hi all
yesterday I try to boot from RX 2600, but I'm not be able to do it.
Using my PC with reflection-1 and RS232 cable connected to console port I can't see anything on the screen. The same cable on RP5340 wotk fine.
What can I do. The system has installed hpux 11.xx
Always trouble