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rx2620, MP, VGA, management lan

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rx2620, MP, VGA, management lan

Hi All,

I read rx2620 quick spec. They says rx2620 does not has a MP by default and it is an optional module.Then it says it has "Telnet and web console via 10/100Base-TX management LAN (RJ-45 connector)".
VGA is optional too.
I wonder what is the difference between MP and management lan?
Can I use management lan for the purpose of connection to console and install my OS?

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Re: rx2620, MP, VGA, management lan

See Rx2620 quick spec again.

It says as below. The core I/O includes the MP hardware.

Model rx2620 base system with one 1.6 GHz/6 MB CPU (200 MHz system bus, 400 MT/s).
System includes one CPU, core I/O, and one power supply.

I think you probably saw the rx1620 quick spec by mistake. MP (HP now calls it for RX2620 as Integrated Lights Out (iLO) remote management functionality) is a standard functionality for RX2620 and is not an optional product.
jaap prenger
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Re: rx2620, MP, VGA, management lan

I read the quickspec different:
1: the ILO MP card is NOT optional for a rx2620 ordered with Windows or RHEL4 but a required item.
2: the ILO MP card is optional (not required) for a rx2620 ordered with any of the other operating systems (e.g. hpux, openvms).

The management LAN is the LAN connection provided by the ILO MP card. If you don't have such a card installed, you don't have a management LAN but only the serial port or graphical device as console.
Bernhard Mueller
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Re: rx2620, MP, VGA, management lan


Jaap has already given you the exact distinction. it depends on your OS.

Regardless of the OS-dependant option not to have an MP card in an rx2620, I *strongly* recommend you buy one anyway.

first you get the management lan connectivity with all the remote admin features, second you may find yourself in trouble if you want to do firmware upgrades.