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rx2620 MP admin password recovery


rx2620 MP admin password recovery

I have rx2620 installed with hp ux 11.31. The server is not up and the MP admin password with us is not working.
Please let me know a way to recover the MP admin password.
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Re: rx2620 MP admin password recovery


Look at this thread:

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Rita C Workman
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Re: rx2620 MP admin password recovery

Those threads cover using that little used and often forgotten about MP reset button that is neatly almost hidden on the back of your server.

The question that remained is...can I reset it with the box up. I think you can! Because it just resets the MP port, which is on it's on lan connection, with it's own IP. It does not reset the power or reboot the server - so I "think" you can reset it.

Just my thoughts,
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Re: rx2620 MP admin password recovery

As Rita said,

The MP reset button (when pressed for more than 4 secs, as I read) would reset the MP LAN Settings. You would need to use the Serial Console then to set it back.
If the reset button does scare you, there is an option using MP commands -- nc / dc - U would need to check MP help..I guess- I dont have server to check this now -- both actions have the same effect.

So, the MP reset in which ever way won't effect the box.


Point to all helpful :-)

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Steve Reece_3
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Re: rx2620 MP admin password recovery

I guess the original poster's issue is that he can't get into the MP in order to use the MP commands! The reset button sounds like the way to go here.
Out of interest, where are the reset buttons for the MPs on the low end Integrity servers?
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Re: rx2620 MP admin password recovery

@Steve, this depends on the server model.

Hope this helps!

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