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rx2620 boot problem after system bd replacement

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rx2620 boot problem after system bd replacement

I've replaced the system board on rx2620, but now on EFI interface I have not the path to boot from hd
qty 2 hdd raid 1

how can I solve the problem?
this product is new form me, and I don't know it!!!
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Re: rx2620 boot problem after system bd replacement

The boot entries are stored on system board.

New board = no entries.

I assume you don't have a backup ...

Select the disk to boot from, e.g.




and use "setboot" to configure the pathes.

Hope this helps!

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kris rombauts
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Re: rx2620 boot problem after system bd replacement

Hi Alex,

since this is a Windows OS, there should be a copy of the boot file on the EFI partition.
Do this:

- go to EFI partition i.e. fs0:
- cd efi\microsoft\winnt50
- 'ls' or 'dir' command and check for a file called 'boot000x (x= a number like 3 i.e.)

i.e. :

fs0:\EFI\Microsoft\WINNT50> ls
Directory of: fs0:\EFI\Microsoft\WINNT50

01/09/09 04:27p 1,024 .
01/09/09 04:27p 1,024 ..
01/09/09 03:41p 378 Boot0007
1 File(s) 378 bytes
2 Dir(s)

- go to \msutil and run the command nvrboot
- choose I (import) and provide the path to the boot file and the filename i.e.


- exit the nvrboot utility
- exit to the EFI boot menu and all entries should be back and you should be able to boot just fine.

If the boot file is not present you can do this:

- log a call with HP to re-create the boot file of this server. This can be done, it just requires some binary tools and a reload of the file on your system.

- re-install the original sysboard (assuming it still works a bit) and take a copy of the variables and boot menu using the utility you can download here :

Then install the new sysboard and Import the bootfile like in the first scenario.

One of the above options will fix your issue, there is no reason to reinstall the Windows OS i.e. it is just missing a pointer to where it needs to get the OS.