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rx2620 booting problem

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rx2620 booting problem

I have rx2620 server. I am using smart setup 4.8.4 for the Redhat AS 4.0 (Itainium) installation. All of my installation is completed smoothly. But on next boot it gives me an error "no controller found" and then after a long messeges on the screen an error appear "Kernal panic - not syncing: Fatal exception"

I am new to RX family. Please give me step by step instructions.

I have five partitions. Two are made by smart setup utility and the rest of three are" /" "swap" "/boot/efi"

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Re: rx2620 booting problem

Sounds to me like a problem with the kernel or drivers.
I would ask the question in the linux sub-forum.

I would recommend to give a bit more info about the error itself (capture the output and attach).

Hope this helps!

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