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rx2800 i4 Firmware Update


rx2800 i4 Firmware Update

Been a while since I installed server firmware.  What is the current best practice for updating firmware on a rx2800 i4?

Do I use SUM or put the FW on a memory stick and plug it into the server.  Would be nice to be able to update firmware remotely as I have servers all over the world.

Looking forward to the wisdom.

- Burk

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Re: rx2800 i4 Firmware Update

SUM will work, but you will need to download the package specifically for the rx2800.  If you have a SUM environment setup, you can work to import the files into that as its own repository.

Here is a link to the download page:



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Re: rx2800 i4 Firmware Update

the recommended way is to use SUM to update system and all i/o firmware.

the bundle includes SUM and all firmware.

another way is to use your own http server for system and an USB device for i/o.

Hope this helps!

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