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rx2800 i4

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rx2800 i4


I acces to my HP_UX rx2800 System Management Homepage, in the Event Viewer tab shows  one Power supply AC lost and the Power supply subsystem redundancy lost. But it isn´t show the "Power supply subsystem redundancy regained." And i see that the 2 power supplies led are green.


I have another rx 2800 that shows more power supply losts and regained. They share powerline

How can I reset the power events in the SMH?



Francisco Hermida
Occasional Advisor

Re: rx2800 i4


I dont know about SMH, maybe is on the users guide.

Regarding power supply LEDs, this is what User Service Guide says:

Component LEDs 
• Off = Component health is assumed good
• Amber = Component health last known to be bad
NOTE: The Power Supply LED is lit only when a failure or fault is detected in a power supply. Loss of AC power to a power supply generates a SEL entry, but does not result in the Power Supply LED becoming lit.



So, It looks strange to me those LEDs turning green. They should be off unless the component itself is faulty.