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Re: rx4640 RHESv3.0 - boot disk mirroring options?

Ian Vaughan
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rx4640 RHESv3.0 - boot disk mirroring options?

I am about to order an rx4640 to run RHES v3 and am weighing up the options for mirroring the boot disk. I beleive that the factory installation of the OS only puts it on one disk and doesn't use LVM. Which makes it a bit of a pig to make a mirror of the boot disk after the fact.

The alternative is to order the option to replace the core-IO card with a U320 Smart Controller and let it take care of the mirroring at the hardware level. Does this have any knock-on effects onto any other connectivity?

I've read the quickspecs but am still a bit vague as to what applies to Linux that doesn't apply to HP-UX.
Any thoughts or opinions - please feel free to share.
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John Dobbins_1
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Re: rx4640 RHESv3.0 - boot disk mirroring options?

Use the Smart Array, you won't regret it. Hardware RAID supports a high level of redundancy and better performance than LVM.