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rx4640 power button inhibited ?

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rx4640 power button inhibited ?


We have a platform of 2 rx4640 running MC ServiceGuard.

We set an Ethernet access to MP console.

Currently we face a problemm with the use of the Power button in the front of the computer.
Even if we press it for more than 5 seconds (as specified in maintenance guide) nothing happen (neither for start, nor for stop).

If we connect through the MP access we can use the power off/on (even through Internet Explorer from a maintenance PC) without any problem.

Where could my problem come from ?
Is there any kind of power button inhibition when the MP access is set ?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: rx4640 power button inhibited ?

Actually, power ON/OFF through MP PC command is similar in action result done by Power Button from within Standby mode.

The power button gets activated when there is standby power supply available to the server.

I don't think there is any setting to inhibit power button.

Is this happening to only one of the servers? maybe switch is faulty or it's connection is not intact inside?

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Re: rx4640 power button inhibited ?

You're right I was expecting that power ON/OFF through MP PC command and Power Button were similar.

We observed the same inhibition on the two computers. On these computers we have 2 power supply connected and on.

I think I should log a call to see if ti's an hardware problem.
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Re: rx4640 power button inhibited ?