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rx5670 Memory Carrier and performance

Shameem Akhter
Occasional Contributor

rx5670 Memory Carrier and performance

What is the theoretical performance gain matrix for the environment, where HP rx 5760 running with one memory carrier (1GB RAM), and the same system with two memory carriers (2GB RAM). Everything else from the applications perspective is equal. How much theoretical performance gain we might expect.

Have we really enabled the higher bandwidth by adding a second memory carrier? How can we check this?
Dave Lucas
Occasional Advisor

Re: rx5670 Memory Carrier and performance


When adding the second memory carrier to the rx5670 you increase the memory bandwidth of the system as shown below.

rx5670 with 1 carrier has a max throughput of 6.4GB/sec

rx5670 with two memory carriers install will have a max throughput of 8.5 GB/sec