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rx6600 DIMM information

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Dusty Mjoen

rx6600 DIMM information

I would like to determine how many DIMMS my system has, and how many GB each.  I thought I could attain that information from the MP with DF, but I can't seem to get a part number or other searchable data. 


Does anyone have any good ways to obtain this?



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Re: rx6600 DIMM information

What is your OS? 11.23 or 11.31?



Try this:


# echo "sel dev all;info;wait;il"|cstm




Hardware path: memory

Basic Memory Description

   Module Type: MEMORY
   Page Size: 4096 Bytes
   Total Physical Memory: N/A
   Total Configured Memory: 32768 MB
   Total Deconfigured Memory: N/A

Memory Board Inventory

   DIMM Location          Size(MB)     DIMM Location          Size(MB)
   --------------------   --------     --------------------   --------
   Ext 0 DIMM 0A          2048         Ext 0 DIMM 0B          2048   
   Ext 0 DIMM 0C          2048         Ext 0 DIMM 0D          2048   
   Ext 0 DIMM 1A          2048         Ext 0 DIMM 1B          2048   
   Ext 0 DIMM 1C          2048         Ext 0 DIMM 1D          2048   
   Ext 0 DIMM 2A          2048         Ext 0 DIMM 2B          2048   
   Ext 0 DIMM 2C          2048         Ext 0 DIMM 2D          2048   
   Ext 0 DIMM 3A          2048         Ext 0 DIMM 3B          2048   
   Ext 0 DIMM 3C          2048         Ext 0 DIMM 3D          2048   
   Ext 0 DIMM 4A          ----         Ext 0 DIMM 4B          ----   
   Ext 0 DIMM 4C          ----         Ext 0 DIMM 4D          ----   
   Ext 0 DIMM 5A          ----         Ext 0 DIMM 5B          ----   
   Ext 0 DIMM 5C          ----         Ext 0 DIMM 5D          ----   

   Ext 0 Total: 32768 (MB)


Memory Error Log Summary

   The memory error log is empty.

Page Deallocation Table (PDT)

   The Page Deallocation Table is empty.

   PDT Entries Used: 0
   PDT Entries Free: 100
   PDT Total Size: 100


Hope this helps!

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Dusty Mjoen

Re: rx6600 DIMM information

I am using 11.23.


Your command worked great!  Thanks!