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rx7620-16 memory upgrade

Occasional Contributor

rx7620-16 memory upgrade

Hi all

is there any problem to upgrade memory to rx7620-16 using the Dataram memory products
F Verschuren
Esteemed Contributor

Re: rx7620-16 memory upgrade

If you have a old rx7620 hp you have to add the old type of memory, can not tell you the delails but we had a problem adding mem to this kind of servers and we need to purtace a old type of mem (that is no longer on stok by hp) so we hat to contact kender thijsen....

Sorry that I can not find the details on the exact types...

kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: rx7620-16 memory upgrade

The RX7620 has these memory kits available since 2003:

AB307A -> 2 GB
AB308A -> 4 GB
AB309A -> 8 GB
AB322A -> 16 GB (since 2004)

All of the above are still on the current HP pricelist.
Don't know of what problems one can run into with non HP memory kits but wanted to clarify the original kits are not obsolete yet.