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rx7620, 8620 cell&IO chasis updates problem

Frequent Advisor

rx7620, 8620 cell&IO chasis updates problem

Hi there,

Here we have a rx8720 and a rx7620, for some reason have to renew the Cell boards and I/O chasis of them. I follow the step of updating 8400/7400 to 8620/7620 guide to renew the cell boards and I/O Chasis, with new celle boards, new CPUs, new I/O chasis, old PCI cards and memories.

All firmware versions are correct to the update guide so need not renew.
After done that all, the 8620 simply have Standby Power light on, even MP Power light doesn't work. For 7620, I can logon to MP, but cannot power on the cell0, thus fail to PE the Cabinet.

This is really strange. Anyone can help me?

Many thanks!