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rx7620/rx8620 PCI-X IO Chassis Part Number Change

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rx7620/rx8620 PCI-X IO Chassis Part Number Change

I am wondering if anyone has information regarding why the part number for the PCI-X I/O Chassis would have changed over the last couple of months?  The old part number was A6093-69113 and the new one is now A6093-69213.  They both report an RoHS status of "modified" so I am not sure its an RoHS difference.


I am asking as we have been experiencing a strange instability issue with a couple rx7620 and rx8620 servers when GBE cards are in particular slots.  Our work around was to not simply use those slots, but if there was a fix released in a new version of the part, we can pursue replacing the hardware.   The systems are out of support, so we wouldnt want to pay for new parts if they dont change the situation.  Since we have a workaround, management doesnt justify the cost to log a hardware call.


Thanks in advance for any info on this.



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