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rx7620 windows 2003

bjorn forslund
Occasional Contributor

rx7620 windows 2003

Hello every body

I have installed an rx7620 with windows 2003 with out any graphic card because reseller couldnâ t deliver the card in time. Now when I got the card I canâ t get any video not in console or in windows. Windows donâ t even find the card
The card I got is A6869A Off course have I connected display and mouse and keyboard.
I have exchanged the card with no l

Re: rx7620 windows 2003

hello bjorn,

i have had the same problem.
You are using the right VGA-Card, thats shure.

Have you put the VGA-CArd into the correct Partition (0 or 1) where W2K3 should boot?
There are only a few supported PCI-Slots for this Card for a rx6720.
I have got the problem right now here, too. But i hope i can give you an answer soon.

Alexander Schnapper

P.s: How could you install W2K3 without graphic output?
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: rx7620 windows 2003


to answer your last question , since w2k3 their is no need to have a graphics card really, you can install the OS completely via the management (MP) card and then once Windows is up, you just configure the rest (i.e. IP address) via the SAC and as of then logon to the server via remote desktop/terminal services.

When you order the server from HP with the Windows OS media and license, you'll get a custom DVD media and cd that make this install or re-install go easy and which contains all necessary components and utilities.

If you are using 'off the shelf' 64 bit Windows media then their are some manual tasks to fullfill like adding drivers if you added cards that are not recognized by Windows by default or add managements agents and utilities to manage the specific hardware accesories (if installed).

Their are manuals available for the Integrity servers i.e. here :

and their is info out their about the SAC also on Microsoft's web i.e.

Have a read and this should help you further.
Remember that concerning the graphics card and no video issue you mentioned, that these Itanium systems do quit some startup tasks that are not visible via the graphics card, you need to check via the MP card for this, this can be confusing maybe.