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rx7640 - How to install network adapter

Marcin Jarco
Occasional Visitor

rx7640 - How to install network adapter


I successfully installed Win 2k3 ia64 on this machine via mp. But no network card is installed. So I have no possibility to start this server and manage it via RDP (rdp turned on via registry entry).
Do You know how to install network adapters driver via SAC?

Pls hlp.

Re: rx7640 - How to install network adapter


Have you tried using netsh from a command prompt in SAC?



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Luk Vandenbussche
Honored Contributor

Re: rx7640 - How to install network adapter

Try the following at your SAC prompt

ch -s0
i 0 ip subnet gateway

try RDP to the IP adres
Marcin Jarco
Occasional Visitor

Re: rx7640 - How to install network adapter

I would like to do this, but there is no network interface installed on this machine. So there is nothing to configure.

Bst Rgrds

Re: rx7640 - How to install network adapter

Hello Marcin,

Sorry I'm remote just now and I don't have all my notes to hand so I can only give you a high level overview. Essentially, you will need to undertake the following:

1. Once your basic/core NOS is installed (as now I expect), via the MP, go to the console (CO) which will take you to the Windows SAC. From here open a command channel.
2. Determine the required driver bundle for the applicable network adapter. Drivers are packaged as a SmartComponent along the line of cp006778.exe (the current Intel driver for example). You will find this driver on the rx7640 driver download site or on the SmartSetup CD.
3. Install this driver using the QUIET option and monitor the install progress from the SAC task list. Should just take a minute or two.
4. Use the I command from SAC to set an IP address (assuming no DHCP) on the appropriate adapter/port.
5. Connect via RDP and finalise customisation including Support Pack installation and the like.

I'm seem to recall the above is covered in one of the installation guides. The above instructions should get you out of trouble but if not, reply and I or someone in my team can dig out further details for you