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rx7640 not showing all 4 internal disks

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rx7640 not showing all 4 internal disks

Hi All,

im having the following issue with an rx7640 server in fact, i need to install 11iv3 on this newly acquired server however, at early boot stages the server is only showing/detecting 2 internal disks from 4 overall. Even at EFI shell it is only showing 2 disks. It s the case of a single partition with 2 cell boards. I already checked the components (ps commands etc ...) and nothing seems to be weird. Any hint please that can help me to start the hardware troubleshooting?


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Re: rx7640 not showing all 4 internal disks

Post or attach a copy of the output:

# ioscan -fn


However, I suspect that you do not have a second SCSI board installed in the PCIe card cage.  To support the internal disk slots, there need to be LVD SCSI controllers installed (usually in PCI slot 8 for each - one in chassis 0 and the other in chassis 1).  These are then cabled through to the backplane.


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Re: rx7640 not showing all 4 internal disks

forgot to update it long time ago

this issue was resolved by replacing the data cable having broken pins on one end

case closed