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Re: rx7640 serial number


rx7640 serial number

Hi guys!!


I have an rx7640 running HP-UX 11i V3.  I manage this system remotely.  I've run cstm, print_manifest, and machinfo, but cannot get it to return the serial number of the system.  Is there another way to do this remotely?





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Re: rx7640 serial number

its a cell  based system so check parstatus if possible, u will get the serial no.


But the above commands which u mentioned shouls show the serial no of your system. 



Re: rx7640 serial number

Thanks for your reply.


parstatus did not return the serial number.  I'm running out of thoughts here.  Should I consider a reload of the OS?  This is just a sandbox for now.  The bad part is I have to climb 10 flights of stairs in 110 degree heat to get to it. 


Welcome to my world.


Re: rx7640 serial number

Is the lan console configure on your system , if it is you can try with ctnl + B > at the MP prompt type df . you should be able to see the main board serial number and the system serial number just below it .


Hope it help





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Re: rx7640 serial number

Its possible that the value is not present in the complex profile data.  This info is stored within the system hardware, so rebuilding/restoring your OS will not accomplish anything.  To check this do the following:


Access the system MP (as it as remote location I assume the MP LAN is configured for you to access?).  Once there, access the Command Menu and run the ID command.  This will show you something like the following:


    MP-modifiable server identification values:
    Asset Tag              : DEV_LAB
    Model String           : 9000/800/rx7640
    Complex System Name    : rx7640
    Original Product Number: AB448A
    Current Product Number : AB448A
    UUID                   : b1f29a50-e998-11dc-a3ad-32176764a2a7
    Creator Manufacturer   : hp
    Creator Product Name   : server rx7640
    Creator Serial Number  : USE01089AD
    OEM Manufacturer       :
    OEM Product Name       :
    OEM Serial Number      :


If your SN entry is blank then you actually have to have HP come to the system and reprogram that value back into the profile data.


If this info is present, then a reboot of the partition may just be needed to get the value into the OS.  The command getconf CS_MACHINE_SERIAL will report it if it can.



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