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rx8640 and VSE Beta

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Gene Laoyan
Super Advisor

rx8640 and VSE Beta

We will be getting an rx8640 in July and we are signed up for the Beat program for VSE 2006. I have a couple of questions on how the processors will be presented to the virtual machine.

1: Is the processor presented to the VM an Itanium Proc?

2: will it be possible to have the proc emulate an .x64 bit proc for the purpose of installing an non-Itanium build of Windows 2003 Server?

3: If only the Itanium build is supported, how does it handle execution of non-Itanium build applications?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

Re: rx8640 and VSE Beta


1. Yes the processor presented to the VM is an IA64 processor.

2. No, it is not possible to emulate a x64 processor.

3. As I understand it x64 executables are not supported at all. 32-bit x86 applications use the Intel Architecture 32-bit Execution Layer (IA-32 EL). See here for more details:

For HP-UX, PA-RISC executables are supported using HP's own Aries binary translator:



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