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rx8640 errors in FPL

Honored Contributor

rx8640 errors in FPL



While checking the MPs FPL log I saw these messages, in the hundreds, although the alert level is 0, what do they mean?



6434  SFW  0,0,5  0 0x030001fc05e00000 0x0000000000000200  CSR_ERROR_MODE
6433  SFW  0,0,5  0 0x010001fc05e00000 0xe7ffffff8001d080  CSR_ERROR_MODE
6432  SFW  0,0,1  0 0x030001fc01e00000 0x0000000000000200  CSR_ERROR_MODE
6431  SFW  0,0,1  0 0x010001fc01e00000 0xe7ffffff8101d080  CSR_ERROR_MODE
6430  SFW  0,0,5  0 0x030001fc05e00000 0x0000000000000200  CSR_ERROR_MODE
6429  SFW  0,0,5  0 0x010001fc05e00000 0xe7ffffff8001d080  CSR_ERROR_MODE
6428  SFW  0,0,1  0 0x030001fc01e00000 0x0000000000000200  CSR_ERROR_MODE


I also see that there are to many CMPLX_PROFIL_DISTD messages from the mp:


6337  MP   0      1 0x2b000ac500e00000 0x01000000527511fb  CMPLX_PROFIL_DISTD
                                       Sat Nov  2 14:53:47 2013
6336  MP   0      1 0x2b000ac500e00000 0x0100000052750af3  CMPLX_PROFIL_DISTD
                                       Sat Nov  2 14:23:47 2013
6335  MP   0      1 0x2b000ac500e00000 0x01000000527503ea  CMPLX_PROFIL_DISTD
                                       Sat Nov  2 13:53:46 2013
6334  MP   0      1 0x2b000ac500e00000 0x010000005274fce3  CMPLX_PROFIL_DISTD
                                       Sat Nov  2 13:23:47 2013
6333  MP   0      1 0x2b000ac500e00000 0x010000005274f5da  CMPLX_PROFIL_DISTD
                                       Sat Nov  2 12:53:46 2013
6332  MP   0      1 0x2b000ac500e00000 0x010000005274eed2  CMPLX_PROFIL_DISTD
                                       Sat Nov  2 12:23:46 2013
6331  MP   0      1 0x2b000ac500e00000 0x010000005274e7cb  CMPLX_PROFIL_DISTD
                                       Sat Nov  2 11:53:47 2013
6330  MP   0      1 0x2b000ac500e00000 0x010000005274e0c2  CMPLX_PROFIL_DISTD
                                       Sat Nov  2 11:23:46 2013
6329  MP   0      1 0x2b000ac500e00000 0x010000005274d9ba  CMPLX_PROFIL_DISTD
                                       Sat Nov  2 10:53:46 2013
6328  MP   0      1 0x2b000ac500e00000 0x010000005274d2b3  CMPLX_PROFIL_DISTD
                                       Sat Nov  2 10:23:47 2013
6327  MP   0      1 0x2b000ac500e00000 0x010000005274cbab  CMPLX_PROFIL_DISTD
                                       Sat Nov  2 09:53:47 2013


One each hour more or less, this can't be normal. there are no Alerts of level3 or higher, Any clue what can be going on?

Windows?, no thanks
Honored Contributor

Re: rx8640 errors in FPL

The CSR_ERROR_MODE messages by themselves can be ignored.  They can accompany other hardware events though.


The CMPLX_PROFIL_DISTD messages indicate that the MP distributed the complex profile data (info about the system and its configuration) to a cell board.  Seeing a lot of these may or may not indicate a problem.  Its possible these could be related to the CSR_ERROR_MODE events if there is an underlying issue with a cell board, but these messages alone dont give much details.


Since you are not seeing other events relating to anything else, perhaps check the system firmware against the latest available?



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