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Jon Steele
Valued Contributor



I have an rx8640 I am trying to upgraded the system firmware on.It has
system backplane 001.001.000
I/O backplane 001.001.001
core I/O 001.002.000
cell 0 001.002.000
pdh 001.004.000

then it shows
core I/O B.002.004.009
Cell 0 B.023.003.030
IPF-FW 005.024.000

I have tried to load 2 different versions of firmware to upgrade this but both of them give me this error when booting to the cd

Error the HP offline firmware manager
does not support the current RX8640 system

I have tried firmware version 1.0 and 4.0 (ISO)

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Acclaimed Contributor

Re: rx8640

You are running release version 2.0 on your server. As you know, the current version is 4.0.
I never used the CD based update procedure, but I would recommend to contact the support if you have problems or doubts to avoid serious damage on your system.

Hope this helps!

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Jon Steele
Valued Contributor

Re: rx8640

I have upgraded the firmware it is at 4.0 now.Thanks for that help.I still have a problem.The machine will boot up fine with these procs in there AB452A but when I put in these procs AB584A The cell starts to boot up but then it halts.I know these procs work they came out of an working rx7640 machine.I have tried 9 different procs.I get these errors.

Alert level 7 : fatal
keyword halt
forward progress is stopping
the cell or system will not boot further
reporting entity system firmware located in cabinet 0,slot 0,cpu 0
system change state :cell halt

Alert level 3 : warning
keyword prod_name/-invalid
the creater product name is invalid
report entity system firmware located in cabinet 0,slot 0, cpu 0

I checked the firmware on the machine and everything has been updated.

Any clues on this?

Thank you
Jon Steele
Valued Contributor

Re: rx8640

Thank you