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Jon Steele
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I finally got in an A6869B graphics card but I am having trouble using it. Is there a specific pci slot it should go in? Also is there a special way to set it up to use. I have it in slot 2 of bay 0. When I go to the change the console it shows mr some options but the vga is not listed there.

Thank you
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Re: rx8640

Installation Process:-

1. If the A6869B VGA/USB PCI card is currently not installed, follow proper procedures to shut down the nPartition and power-off the appropriate PCI power domain.
2. Locate a vacant conventional clock speed PCI slot where the A6869B VGA/USB PCI card will reside.
3. Position the PCI card over the empty slot, observing that edge connector keyways match on the PCI backplane connector.
4. Using a slow firm pressure, seat the card down into the slot. (Recommended Slot 0)
5. Connect the monitor, mouse, and keyboard cables to the card.
6. Connect power, and turn on the monitor.
7. Follow proper procedures to power-on the PCI power domain and boot the Windows® nPartition.

If Ur facing any Problems:-

1. Black Screen. No text displayed.

If it is H/W Problem then U do below process----
1. Must have supported power enabled.
2. Must have a functional VGA/USB PCI card.
3. Must have a functional PCI slot. Select another slot on same partition/backplane.
4. Must have the VGA/USB PCI card firmly seated in PCI backplane slot.
5. Must have a supported monitor.
6. Must have verified cable connections to VGA/USB PCI card.

2. Display unreadable.
1. Ensure system FW (Firmware) supports the VGA/USB PCI card. (Minimum ver 3.88)
2. Ensure graphics resolution is compatible and set correctly.

Jon Steele
Valued Contributor

Re: rx8640

Thank you for your help