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set boot option under hp


set boot option under hp

I try to set up an automatic boot schedule at my Itanium Server. Here is the situation. I'm running Windows and there are some actions to do. After that I rebbot the system and start HP-UX (this works fine with the Bootcfg command). Now there are some things to do in HP-UX, and after that I want to restart the machine and run windows again.
Now my question: Is there a tool in HP-UX that can set the boot option (like bootcfg in windows)? Or how can I tell the machine that my primary boot option is Windows (from HP-UX)?
Thank you in advance!
Kind Regards!
Zygmunt Krawczyk
Honored Contributor

Re: set boot option under hp

You can't switch to boot windows from HP-UX level. The only way to control boot process is from console level. If you work at remote system, you can telnet to LAN console and choose specific OS to boot.