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superdome server some luns lost one path

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superdome server some luns lost one path

Hi all,


i have a superdome connect to a large san and connect thousand of disks(luns), four luns in a HDS VSP storage should have 8 paths per lun but only 7 paths per lun can seen in OS.


i checked san switches zone and vsp storage configuration seems no problem.



Do anyone have any good ways for the issue?

=== 1. HPUX 11.31 IOSCAN can't found devices in a special  SAN path:

HBA    Storage port            Status              

fclp1    5b                                  OK

fclp1    7b                                  OK

fclp2    5b                                  OK

fclp2    7b                                  OK

fclp6    6b                                  ioscan can't found any devices

fclp6    8b                                  OK

fclp7    6b                                  OK

fclp7    8b                                  OK


=== 2. SAN Switch zone config seems no problem.

/dev/fclp6   pid:  0x208f80

vsp port 6B pid:  0x200e00


Port: 1/14      Pid: 0x200e00        

Zoned Members: 6 devices                

Pid: 0x209c00               

Pid: 0x200e00               

Pid: 0x209d00               

Pid: 0x208f80    ----> /dev/fclp6               

Pid: 0x20b780                

Pid: 0x20cf80


=== 3. fcmsutil tools can't get storage  6B port  information from fclp6

#fcmsutil /dev/fclp6 get remote all |grep 0x200e00 -> can't found VSP port 6B information