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sx2000 chipsets and Core I/O

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sx2000 chipsets and Core I/O

Greetings Everyone,

I have a doubt with regards to the sx2000 chipset features on Cell-based servers.. what i have read from most HP books is that, the sx2000 based server's (cell-based) dont require a core I/O card to be present on the I/O chasis to become core-cell capable. does that mean ....
1) Any cell that is / not connected to an I/O chasis can be a core cell ??

what i see in an rx8640 (Believe its sx2000), in our setup is that only the cells connected to an I/O chasis are showing as "core-cell" capable...

sap1slt1 # parstatus
Note: No action specified. Default behavior is display all.
Complex Name : Complex 1
Complex Capacity
Compute Cabinet (4 cell capable) : 1
Active MP Location : cabinet 0
Original Product Name : server rx8640
Original Serial Number : USE47031R3
Current Product Order Number : AB444A
OEM Manufacturer :
Complex Profile Revision : 1.0
The total number of partitions present : 1

Cabinet I/O Bulk Power Backplane
Blowers Fans Supplies Power Boards
Cab Failed/ Failed/ Failed/ Failed/
Num Cabinet Type N Status N Status N Status N Status MP
=== ============ ========= ========= ========== ============ ======
0 4 cell slot 21/0/N+ 6/0/N+ 6/0/N+ - Active

Notes: N+ = There are one or more spare items (fans/power supplies).
N = The number of items meets but does not exceed the need.
N- = There are insufficient items to meet the need.
? = The adequacy of the cooling system/power supplies is unknown.
HO = Housekeeping only; The power is in a standby state.
NA = Not Applicable.

CPU Memory Use
OK/ (GB) Core On
Hardware Actual Deconf/ OK/ Cell Next Par
Location Usage Max Deconf Connected To Capable Boot Num
========== ============ ======= ========= =================== ======= ==== ===
cab0,cell0 Active Core 6/0/8 40.0/0.0 cab0,bay0,chassis0 yes yes 0
cab0,cell1 Active Base 6/0/8 40.0/0.0 cab0,bay0,chassis1 yes yes 0
cab0,cell2 Active Base 4/0/8 40.0/0.0 - no yes 0
cab0,cell3 Active Base 4/0/8 40.0/0.0 - no yes 0

Notes: * = Cell has no interleaved memory.

Core Connected Par
Hardware Location Usage IO To Num
=================== ============ ==== ========== ===
cab0,bay0,chassis0 Active yes cab0,cell0 0
cab0,bay0,chassis1 Active yes cab0,cell1 0

Or does this apply only to sx2000 superdomes ??


Re: sx2000 chipsets and Core I/O

A cell has to have IO attached to it to be a core cell. So in a rx8640, if you don't have a SEU, then only 2 of the 4 cells are core cell capable.

sx1000 and older Superdomes used to require a special core IO card in slot 0 on the core cell that provided console access and a LAN port.

With sx2000 this card isn't required on Superdomes as the console access is direct off the cell board - but a cell board still needs an IO card atatched to it to be core cell capable (otherwise how would you boot?)

But rx8640s and rx7640s still require core IO cards - so without a SEU for example, you can't split a rx8640 into 4 nPars, as only 2 of the cell boards are core cell capable.

Hope that clarifies things




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Re: sx2000 chipsets and Core I/O

Thanks for your reply Duncan ..

That clarifies everything ... i also assumed it to be the same as u said .. but just wanted to confirm !