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update the second rom without a reboot


update the second rom without a reboot

Hello ITRC,

I have two questions regarding the rx2660/rx2620 firmware upgrade on OPENVMS IA64.

1. Is it possible to update rom B without a reboot
2. enable rom B and reboot the system.

I searched this forum and have found a solution to q2.
Shell> fwconfig enable B
then reboot
Could you help to answer q1.

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Re: update the second rom without a reboot

I dont see how it would be possible to update firmware without a reboot. Perhaps you could apply the update without rebooting, but in order for the new image to apply, the system needs to read the ROM during power on in order to load that new images.

In reality, for these systems one should use the EFI FWMGR utility to update firmware.

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Re: update the second rom without a reboot

Its normally absolutely no problem if the 2 versions are different.

However, if you have done a firmware update, the system reboots.

Then - once in EFI again - you can do

Shell> fwconfig copy b a

to copy ROM b to a.

Another reboot is not needed.

Hope this helps!

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Re: update the second rom without a reboot


If I have 100 servers.

What we do today is to copy the file to SYS$EFI.SYS via EFI$CP utility. Then reboot and upgrade.

But if I can "copy" the firmware directly to the rom b, i suppose rom a is the active rom now.

Then we only need to switch rom in the efi shell and boot the system during the reboot. Would it be better?