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using saupdate on a rx2800i2

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using saupdate on a rx2800i2



I have an rx2800 i2, that has been built and given a role by someone who has left the building. I have a window before it goes into prodution. It was built with the onboard p410i SmartArray in HBA mode.


I want to set it to RAID mode, but I dan't know if I can do so while maintaining the OS install data on any of the attached disks - ie put it in RAID mode, but present some of the disks through as RAW devices until I can migrate off them ond onto RAID devices. Does anyone have any idea if this is possible? Obviously, I cannot run a non-destructive test, so if anyone has managed this in the past..




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Re: using saupdate on a rx2800i2

While switching the mode you will loose the data!



However, take a backup first.


Download the smartarray firmware bundle (the tool is inside).


Run the tool from EFI:


For querying/changing Controller mode:
        saupdate GET_MODE [ <seg:bus:dev:func> | all | <model> ]
        saupdate SET_MODE [ <seg:bus:dev:func> | all | <model> ] [ hba | raid ]




saupdate SET_MODE all raid



Then go to ORCA and configure the RAID.


Finally restore your data.

Hope this helps!

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Re: using saupdate on a rx2800i2

>> While switching the mode you will loose the data!


This is the answer I was hoping not to hear.

I know I can change the mode - those tools are out there. I was hoping to be able to put the controller RAID mode, but still have it present SOME of it's disks as simple disks through to the OS.


Normally my other option would be to IGNITE the server off, rebuild the disk presentations, and IGNITE it back on. Unfortunately, it's the IGNITE server that I need to rebuild. Quite annoying really.