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vPAR console

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P Arumugavel
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vPAR console

I have four vPARs running on a nPAR. Now I need to go to console of one vpar which is running.

Could you please explain?



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Re: vPAR console

From the physical console toggle with CTRL a.

Hope this helps!

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Re: vPAR console

Hi Aru,


More infromation on vPar Console:


Press Ctrl +A to toggle to the console display window of another virtual partition.

Virtual Consoles

HP-UX servers have a special terminal or window called a console that allows special control and displays system error messages.
With vPars, each virtual partition has its own virtual console. On Integrity, the console is virtualized by firmware (and therefore, there is no vcs driver). On PA-RISC, for each partition, its console I/O is sent to its vcn (Virtual CoNsole) driver. From the vcn driver, the console I/O is sent to the Monitor. From the Monitor, the console I/O is sent to the vcs (virtual console slave) driver of the partition that owns the hardware console port. Finally, the vcs driver sends the console I/O to the physical hardware console. It is this vcs driver that manages the console I/O to the actual hardware console port.
When the partition that owns the hardware console port is not running, the vPars Monitor takes  over the management of the I/O to the hardware console port, so you will still have access to the virtual console displays.

You can access the console port as you would on any non-vPars server, for example, through a dumb terminal or lan console. Then, to cycle between the virtual console displays of the various partitions, press Ctrl+A.

Each virtual partition has an 8K circular buffer for console output. If not already displayed, the Monitor copies this 8K buffer to the console when you press Ctrl+A.




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