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vpmon is not found by hpux.efi

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vpmon is not found by hpux.efi


I'm facing a strange problem... After vPars (4.03) install, there is no way to boot the vpmon with hpux.efi.

For more information, the server is a rx8640 with Montecito CPU (only one cell) and 32G of RAM.

I've done everything I can do but nothing is helpfull. Even parconfig reset, vparenv -m vPars, vparconfig reboot vPars or nPars...

By the way, the "nPar" HP/UX installed is well running.

At hpux.efi command prompt, when issuing "boot vpmon" the result is that bootloader can't find vpmon and then fails......

I would appreciate some help.

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Re: vpmon is not found by hpux.efi


did you try the full path?

(from the manual:)

fs0:\> hpux
HPUX> boot /stand/vpmon vparload -p keira1

Of course you should check in non-vpars mode if the monitor is really there.

Hope this helps!

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Re: vpmon is not found by hpux.efi

First thing to be checked if the "vpmon" exists in /stand.

Assuming the vPar s/w installation and configuration is correct, you should have vpmon under /stand. You can check it under nPar bootup environment or at
HPUX> ls -b /stand

Secondly, as per the release notes of the vPar 4.03 which says:

PHKL_34088 is required for vPars systems running the sx2000 chipset. Without this patch, your vPars system will not properly load the vPars Monitor.

The patch is superseded by PHKL_34547.

This is applicable to the server rx8640 which has sx2000 chipset based cellboard. Install the latest patch and try again.
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Re: vpmon is not found by hpux.efi

Thanks for your answers but everything is OK.

* The kernel patch is installed
* The /stand/vpmon exists and is coherent.

I have tested one more thing :

cp -p /stand/vmunix /stand/vmunix.test
shutdown -ry now

at EFI Shell, I've called hpux.efi and try to boot like this :

boot vmunix.test
(I've also tested boot /stand/vmunix.test)

The boot failed with exactly the same message telling that vmunix.test is not found whereas "boot vmunix" boots perfectly......

I'm wondering if there is somewhere in EFI or in the bootloader hpux.efi a kind of index that point to each bootable kernel, storing that way a path hard coded. Am I right?

Thanks for your help.