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whats is cell board


whats is cell board


i am new to itanium concept...

Could you plz explain..what is cell board??

What is difference between cell based processor & normal processor???
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Re: whats is cell board

I found this documentation to be very informative. It's particular to a certain type of system, the Superdome, but the basic concepts of cells and hardware partitions are there for you regardless of the specific platform.

Each Superdome server is composed of the following elements:

* Cells

Each cell provides processors and memory, and optionally is connected to an I/O chassis residing in the same cabinet.

Up to 4 processors and 32 DIMMs can be installed in each cell.
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Re: whats is cell board

Taken from the (old) superdome (1) quickspecs:

A cell, or cell board, is the basic building block of a Superdome system. It is a symmetric multi processor (SMP), containing up to four processor modules and up to 16 GB of main memory using 512-MB DIMMs (sx1000 only) in 32 memory slots, up to 32 GB of main memory using 1 GB DIMMs, up to 64 GB of main memory using 2 GB DIMMs, and up to 128 GB of main memory using 4-GB DIMMS (sx2000 only). It is also possible to mix DIMM sizes on the same cell board. A connection to a 12 slot PCI X card cage is optional for each cell. Each hard partition must be connected to at least one PCI-X I/O card cage.

The Superdome cell boards shipped from the factory are offered with 1, 2, 3, or 4 processors.

The Superdome cell board contains:

- sx2000: Intel Itanium 9000 or 9100 series processor modules (up to 4 processor modules for a total of 8 cores) or Itanium 1.6 GHz processors (up to 4 processor modules for a total of 4 cores)
- Cell controller ASIC (application specific integrated circuit)
- Main memory DIMMs installed in groups of eight
- Voltage Regulator Modules (VRM)
- Data buses
- Optional link to 12 PCI X I/O slots

Hope this helps!

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