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zx6000 has invalid UUID

Malcolm Dunnett

zx6000 has invalid UUID

I replaced a system board in a zx6000 and I now get a warning 55: Invalid system ID. The primary UUID is "magic" (all Fs) and there's a valid secondary UUID, but I'm not getting the prompt to copy the one into the other. It appears I need to be in manufacturing mode to set the UUID manually and I don't have a password for that.

Is there a way to get the system to copy the valid UUID into the invalid one?
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Re: zx6000 has invalid UUID

It is strange to me if no prompt appears during the boot. Have you ever replaced the system board and copied UUIDs successfully? I wonder if you have overlooked the message? If you are sure the system does not prompt for the UUID copy, I would suggest you will contact HP support center and request a CE onsite.
paul fraser_2
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Re: zx6000 has invalid UUID

If you have missed the prompt then you will have to get a CE out to perform the work.
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Re: zx6000 has invalid UUID

Hi Malcolm,

If am not wrong you can set the UUID from MP..



This should let u change the UUID.

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Re: zx6000 has invalid UUID

No, MP ID command will not change UUID.

==== MP Help: General Configuration ===========================================

ID : System Information settings

Command access level: MP Configuration access.

This command allows a user to update the following:

System Host Name: The system hostname of the OS.
SNMP Contact Person: Name, Telephone, Email, Pager number.
SNMP Server Information: Location, Rack ID, Position.

Command line usage:
ID [ { -host [ ] }
| { -person [ -name ] [ -telephone ]
[ -email ] [ -pager ] }
| { -server [ -location ] [ -rackid ]
[ -position ] ] [ -nc ]