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IE7 problem after firewall upgrade


IE7 problem after firewall upgrade


My user laptop is using XP sp2 and IE7. User is able to login to HSBCNET all the while until we have a firewall upgrade. We have added a nokia firewall, bluecoat proxy and AV. After this change, user is unable to go into the HSBCNET at all. The page will stay at loading and after awhile, we get a network error. I tried reinstall IE7 and that did not work. So I tried downgrade IE7 to IE6 and user is able to login to HSBCNET. The same problem occur when user tried to check yahoo email. Page just hang when try to open any email and then get network error.

Do anyone know what can be the problem? Is there anything I can check on the bluecoat proxy and AV? Is