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PORT 9443

Praba Charen Nathan
Occasional Contributor

PORT 9443

At present I have having difficulties accessing to this site
I found out that port 9443 has been block by our proxy & Firewall. Would socks be a solution? I need more details on this port, It's usage, Protocol associated to it & any security risks involved.

Please advice.
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: PORT 9443

I believe this is it:

I went to the site and got a complaint from Microsoft that the certificate was not trusted but it appeared to have been issued by IBM which sort of matched the above.

There aren't any easy ways to bypass the firewall. You will just have to ask them to allow you to get out on that port. There are no real security issues in allowing a user to go out to port 9443. They could even allow only your PC to go to that one site on port 9443 if they really want to get paranoid.