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Accelerate insights with HPE and GE Digital at Hannover Messe Industrie 2017



by Daniel Kaltenbach, HPE IoT Digital Domain Manager, Germany

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and GE Digital have partnered to provide innovative Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. By combining HPE’s expertise in information technology (IT) with GE Digital’s expertise in operational technology (OT), industrial companies are now able to drive business outcomes by turning mountains of data—collected and analyzed at the edge—into powerful insights.

To discuss and demonstrate these joint industrial IoT solutions—built on HPE Edgeline Converged Systems and GE’s Predix, the platform for the Industrial Internet—HPE and GE Digital will be exhibiting together at Hannover Messe Industrie 2017 in Hannover, Germany. This is a great opportunity to share your goals and challenges with IIoT experts from HPE and GE Digital, and obtain valuable insights and potential solutions suited to your environment.

Join HPE and GE Digital to see IIoT edge analytics in action

Visit the HPE booth located in Hall 8, Booth A07, to address some of your company’s biggest IIoT challenges:

  • What assets are you trying to connect and gather data from?
  • What insights are you hoping to get from connecting these assets?
  • Where are you today on your IIoT journey?

While at our booth, we can discuss how HPE and GE Digital IIoT solutions can help you securely connect and manage your assets to boost productivity, cut costs, improve safety, comply with data residence and industry regulations, and reduce risk.

Request a meeting with an IIoT expert

Are you interested in meeting with a digital transformation expert? Would you like a personal tour of HPE’s digital transformation solutions, from consulting to development to maintenance? If so, register HERE, and we will connect you with the right experts.

HMI Campaign Image.jpg

 See IIoT edge analytics and insights in action with our HPE Edgeline and Predix by GE demo

Become a part in the supply chain as your movements through the HPE virtual production are visualized, using the following technologies:

  • Extensible networking: connectivity, location services, app data feeds, and navigation
  • Edge processing: real-time analytics, deployed at the device or location to minimize time to replenish or repair
  • IoT platform: a communications platform that connects devices, handle alerts, and visualizes the activities for users and managers
  • Video analytics: camera and facial recognition infrastructure


Attend the presentation “HPE and GE Digital: Accelerating Insights for Industrial IoT”

Hear HPE CTO, Tripp Partain, discuss how HPE and GE Digital are partnering to bring digital transformation to the industrial sector. The presentation will take place in the GE Digital booth in Hall 12, Booth D50 on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 4 p.m.

More information

To learn more about how HPE and GE Digital are bringing IoT to life for industrial organizations, visit


We look forward to seeing you at the show.


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