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At the Heart of Harshness: An Oil & Gas Leader’s Edge Success


If you were to ask me to name a few industries that stand to benefit the most from edge computing, oil and gas exploration/production would be one of the first that jumps to mind. It checks all the boxes: extremely remote facilities, harsh production environments, paramount safety mandates, data-heavy processes and more.

Leaders in the sector are starting to capitalize on the Edge in a big way. A great example is Murphy Oil Corporation, an Arkansas-based company that produces oil and/or natural gas in the United States, Canada, and Malaysia, and conducts exploration activities worldwide. At HPE Discover in June, Murphy Oil CTO Mike Orr sat down with interviewer Lisa Martin to explain how HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems are helping his company build smarter, more resilient IT at the edge. They’re joined by HPE’s Dr. Tom Bradicich, VP and GM for IoT and Converged Edge Systems, in the video below. 

Check out the video to learn:

  • Why enterprises like Murphy Oil need edge computing
  • How HPE is helping Murphy Oil facilitate IT and OT convergence at the edge – Dr. Tom explains the value of integrating both disciplines within the same box (starting around 03:50).
  • How data and analytics at the Edge have helped Murphy Oil transform its operational and human safety decision-making, providing what Mike calls a “futuristic look on the data” (05:17)
  • What intelligent edge capabilities mean for the predictive perspective – Mike tells how Murphy Oil is leveraging “the ability to do computation you’ve never done before” (07:25)
  • How HPE is making the Edge more intelligent – Dr. Tom explains how the “third place” for IT – alongside the datacenter and the cloud – is becoming more productive and generating value at new localities with “unprecedented amounts of compute power” (10:10).

While at Discover, Mike also talked with tech blogger Jake Ludington – the video below is an excellent 4-minute overview of Murphy Oil’s story.

The Intelligent Edge was an important focus at HPE Discover; we announced new edge-to-cloud solutions to enable companies to run unmodified enterprise-class applications and management software at the edge. Dr. Tom introduces these innovative offerings in this post: Unleash the power of the cloud, right at your edge. The latest HPE Edgeline Systems capabilities.

Keep an eye on this blog; we’ll be publishing more content from HPE Discover in the coming weeks.

Follow Dr. Tom on Twitter:  @TomBradicichPhd

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