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Expand your IoT horizons at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover 2016 Las Vegas


By Isaac Rodriguez
Digital Marketing for HPE Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is revolutionizing the digital economy. Organizations now have the capability to collect and analyze data generated by billions of devices and industrial “things” and use that information to innovate, reduce costs, and overall improve business outcomes. By collecting and analyzing data directly from sensors at sites such as energy power plants and manufacturing floors—at the “edge”—companies can generate near real–time insights, without having to spend time and money transmitting massive quantities of data to the cloud or a data center for processing.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is focused on providing the expertise and technology to link data from the edge with IT systems—in any industrial environment. We’ve put together sessions at Discover 2016 Las Vegas that demonstrate how our solutions for compute, data acquisition, and systems and device management enable you to make faster, better-informed decisions.

Get insights from the edge

In today’s marketplace, businesses need both real-time information and in-depth analysis. Find out howoptimized converged systems positioned at the edge can help you generate insights and derive true business value. Take a deep dive into the seven principles of IoT, as presented by Dr. Tom Bradicich, HPE VP and GM, Servers and IoT Systems, and Ron Neyland, HPE Director, Moonshot and IoT Edgeline Software and Solutions, and learn how to overcome the unique challenges posed by analog sensor data.

Learn more about improving business outcomes at Breakout Session BB9643: This changes everything: Bringing Data center–level compute to the IoT edge

Supercharge your IoT strategy

Join us to hear GE and National Instruments share real-world IoT use cases that highlight how their partnership with HPE enables them to benefit from efficient manufacturing, condition monitoring, location services, and at-the-edge data analytics. We will also have exciting announcements!

Get the full story on how to amp up your IoT strategy at this one-hour Spotlight Session: The IoT in the idea economy: Visibility and efficiency for every business asset (session SL9947)

Forge new business models with the IoT

Come hear how the Internet of Things is disrupting the energy sector, as industry leaders engage in an interactive roundtable discussion. New business models are emerging as companies improve business performance by leveraging sensor data from equipment in the field using HPE IoT technology.

Hear what’s new at Capitalizing on Energy’s Challenging Market Dynamics Using HPE IoT Technology (Roundtable Session RT9644)


See real-time 3D visualization

Computing at the IoT edge converges physical and virtual data and makes it possible to create real-time visualization in ways we could only imagine not too long ago. At Discover we’ll demonstrate how you can use HPE Edgeline IoT Systems to collect, analyze and visualize properties of sensor-enabled “things,” including speed, force, angle, acceleration, and many others. Come see how your organization can accelerate engineering insights at the edge.

To enjoy a real-time demonstration, check out the Engineering Internet of Things bike demo (Demo 1316) in the Transformation Zone

Avert disaster using edge computing

Edge computing is helping to make costly equipment malfunctions and other industrial mishaps a thing of the past. Join us for a demonstration of how HPE Edgeline IoT Systems enables real-time data acquisition, monitoring, and root-cause analysis, facilitating predictive intelligence and maintenance that can help you avert disasters.

Find out more at the Industrial IoT pump demo (Demo 1315) in the Transformation Zone

Sign up for these sessions with the HPE Discover 2016 Agenda Builder.  If you haven’t registered for Discover yet, there’s still time!


See you in Las Vegas!

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Empowering the Digital Enterprise to be more efficient and innovative through data-driven insights from the Internet of Things (IoT)
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