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Find out what’s next for industrial IoT at the IoT Solutions World Congress 2016


Find out what’s next for industrial IoT at the IoT Solutions World Congress 2016

From manufacturing to healthcare to oil and gas, Internet of Things (IoT) technology is disrupting industries across verticals and transforming the way companies do business. Organizations are adopting IoT solutions to become more efficient, agile, and innovative—even to forge new business models. But there are still many challenges surrounding the IoT and how to best leverage its power.

At the IoT Solutions World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, leading companies and top experts within the industrial IoT ecosystem will come together to discuss the opportunities offered by IoT technology and showcase solutions that address the most important industry pain points. From October 25–27, visitors will have the opportunity to hear from more than 200 speakers, attend 100+ sessions, network with 8,000 industry professionals, and view real-life IoT solutions from over 140 exhibitors.

This year, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is proud to be a sponsor of the event. Our team of IoT experts will be on hand to help you build your roadmap for transformation. Here are some must-see sessions and demos.


Get a glimpse of the city of tomorrow

Smart cities around the world are discovering innovative ways to use the IoT to improve citizens’ quality of life, drive economic growth, and foster sustainable communities. One example is waste management: By installing sensors in trash cans to monitor the level of garbage inside, cities can optimize routes for trucks to pick up only full bins, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced operational costs, and improved service. At IoT Solutions World Congress, you’ll be able to see what a “smart waste” program looks like firsthand, powered by the HPE Universal IoT platform.


Avoid downtime with sensors at the edge of the network

Join us for a demonstration of an IoT solution at work for smart pump condition monitoring. See how using connected sensors and HPE IoT and partner edge technology enables real-time data acquisition, monitoring, and root-cause analysis while also facilitating predictive intelligence and maintenance.


Accelerate insight with real-time 3D visualization

Computing at the edge of the IoT network makes it possible to create real-time visualization on smart devices. See the technology in action at this HPE connected bike demo, where movements from the physical bike are mirrored on a digital screen. This real-time monitoring provides speed, angle, force, and acceleration data, enabling you to acquire, analyze, and react to sensed data in real time and visualize the hidden properties of “things.”


Join the Industrial IoT conversation

Attendees of IoT Solutions World Congress will have the opportunity to hear HPE IoT experts discuss IoT’s transformative role in the business world in several sessions and panels. Here are a few highlights:

  • Listen to HPE Fellow and IoT Chief Technologist Colin I'Anson and other IoT leaders discuss the business value of the Industrial Internet Reference Architecture, identify tips and tricks for its use, and share specific vertical use cases 
  • Connected health devices and related services create many opportunities for improvements and enhanced efficiency within the healthcare system. Guido Kragten, HPE Aruba business development manager, will join a panel discussion on how the IoT is helping to power a new, more-personalized era of healthcare
  • With the growth of the IoT, businesses now require real-time access to insights and analytics at the edge of the network, where the “things” are. HPE Senior Director of Worldwide Moonshot and IoT Systems, Olivier Frank, will discuss how edge computing is helping enterprises excel in this session


Come see firsthand how HPE solutions for compute, data, and systems and device management enable you to make faster, better-informed decisions. Stop by booth D519 to learn more, or sign up for a one-on-one meeting with an HPE IoT expert to learn how HPE solutions can accelerate your business.

See you there!


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IoT Solutions World Congress

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