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HPE Connect IoT: helping companies find solutions to address digital transformation


By Pete Murray

Digital transformation is occurring in every business, at an accelerating pace, driven in many cases by the Internet of Things. Business models are being upturned and companies disrupted through the ease with which new apps can be developed, leveraging data from connected things, to deliver new experiences, reduce costs, or completely rethink markets.

The Digital Transformation of businesses and organizations can be best described as a journey, and not an easy one. As Moor Insights & Strategy, a leading high tech analyst firm accurately describes in their research brief:

Enterprise and operations organizations looking to digitally transform their businesses using Internet of Things (IoT) technology often face a daunting initial task. How do I pick a partner to help guide us on this journey? How do I find a vendor that understands my industry, can help me architect the big picture, and then help me put it all together?

At their core, IoT solutions are all about gaining business insight from data collected from things, and that requires connectivity to access the data, computation to analyze and act on data, and security to protect that data.

Finding these components from a single vendor is virtually impossible, which is why most organizations believe developing IoT solutions involves putting together a vast array of partnerships.
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No single company can deliver a shrink-wrapped solution to digital transformation that will provide a complete solution to leading your company through the transformation.

To help you benefit from the coming digital disruption, you need a partner that can connect with your business issues, and can pull together the right group of companies & technologies, that together can build a solution to meet your needs.

Taking support for digital transformation to the next level: HPE Connect IoT

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has a long history supporting and investing in ecosystems through initiatives such as Cloud28+, a community of trusted HPE partners and a business platform for learning about and finding the right mix of hybrid IT solutions.

We believe our heritage as the industry’s best partnering company, our unambiguous support for open standards and systems, our existing track record in managing data across both IT and telco, and our strategy for the future of IT across Intelligent Edge and Hybrid, puts us in the best position to be the Ecosystem Integrator - to host the industry's premier ecosystem for IoT.

As announced at the Global Partner Conference in September 2016, we're now launching the first phase of a new initiative to help companies find solutions to address digital transformation, called HPE Connect IoT (an initiative of HPE Partner Ready).

How partners benefit by joining HPE Connect IoT

Connect IoT brings together established hardware & software vendors (such as GE Digital), System Integrators & advisory partners (such as Deloitte), Service Providers, OEMs of HPE technology, as well as small innovative technology partners, and IoT specialist channel partners.

We've structured Connect IoT around real use cases, industry verticals, and partners that have expertise leveraging IoT within the enterprise, throughout industry, and across both metro and global scale networks.

Initially the bulk of the partners and use cases are visible to our sales teams and consultants; with a limited selection of those that have already been tested and deployed, published through Cloud28+. Companies looking to understand how Connect IoT can help to drive digital transformation are invited to explore the IoT use cases published here, and Get in touch through each product or service page on Cloud28+.Connect IoT 4 pillars.png




At the core, HPE Connect IoT It is a community that serves as a platform for partners to showcase their IoT technologies and capabilities with the purpose of seeking other technology vendors, including HPE, with whom to collaborate in the development of IoT use cases. By providing the tools, partnership environment and know-how all in one place, this community will  boost innovation in the development of creative IoT use cases that will benefit both members and customers members of this community.

The business outcome? Partners joining this community not only get access to tools and documentation, but a holistic environment that will allow them to grow as IoT technology providers and will continue to build awareness of their products and services with other partners and customers, opening the door to unlimited IoT action.

Ready to join HPE Connect IoT?

Technology vendors & system integrators interested in joining HPE Connect IoT are invited to apply through the HPE Partner Ready for Technology Program, requesting integration with one or more HPE product lines including HPE Edgeline, the HPE Universal IoT Platform, or HPE Aruba networking.

Channel partners and Solution Providers interested in providing these solutions to their clients are invited to ask their partner relationship managers for more information on HPE Connect IoT.

This is only the beginning of HPE Connect IoT and the digital transformation journey

Keep an eye on and follow @HPE_IoT to be informed as new partners and capabilities are rolled our across HPE Connect IoT

Here are a few IoT Use Cases that can already be found in the platform:

  1. Predictive Maintenance
  2. Deloitte turnkey IoT solution for Manufacturing
  3. Intelligent Spaces
  4. Intelligent Places - Public Venues
  5. People and Asset Tracking and Management
  6. Accelerating cities to become smarter and more sustainable


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 Pete Murray is WW VP OEM & IoT GTM, responsible for developing and driving HPE’s technology OEM presence and portfolio, including hardware, software & services with all Customers and key partners Globally.



I am an HPE employee.
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