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HPE IoT Innovation Labs: A Powerful New Incubator for Your IoT Transformation


Ron Neyland profile pic.jpgBy Ron Neyland
Sr. Director Edgeline IoT SW and Solutions





The Internet of Things is no longer a buzz word or some hype. There is actual value that can be realized today by companies and organizations who have identified an operational problem they need to solve or a business opportunity that they want to leverage.

However, one of the key challenges with implementing an IoT solution is figuring out how to bring all of the existing infrastructure and new hardware and software together into a cohesive solution – one that can really address their operational requirements and goals. These solution components often come from multiple vendors and require the expertise and experience to put it all together in order to get started validating the concepts and initiating the journey towards a transforming IoT solution.

How can I validate my IoT solution concept?

Imagine this: a hands-on, state-of-the-art Internet of Things lab where you can learn how the IoT can benefit and transform your business. Imagine if you could use that same facility to plan, develop and test your IoT applications, either privately or in collaboration with experts from HPE and a large ecosystem of partners. And imagine if you could do that either in person – or remotely and securely from anywhere in the world!

What you’re picturing is the HPE IoT Innovation Lab, and we’re excited to announce the Grand Opening Event on August 14, 2017.

HPE IoT Innovation Lab: A playground for IT and OT Engineers alike.

In this new lab we’ll be offering an array of hands-on experience zones where you can explore IoT solutions. Here are a few examples of IoT and Industrial IoT (IIoT) use cases and demos:

IoT use case: Smart City

In our Smart City experience zone you can try out three demonstrations:

IoT Lab opening.png

 Smart Parking/Traffic Solution. We’ve created a scale model of a parking garage floor – complete with radio-controlled cars! – to show how video analytics and HPE IDOL, our unified data analytics platform, can track the number of cars and parking spot availability.


Flood Alert Solution with Microsoft Azure. A scale geographical model shows how water sensor technology, together with HPE custom software and Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, can notify emergency teams and the public of a flash flooding event in three areas of a city, enabling authorities to manage and re-route traffic quickly.

All of this can tied together and managed by HPE’s Universal IoT Platform.


Industrial IoT use case: Manufacturing

Check out two demos here:

HPE20160512219_800_0_72_srgb.jpgSmart Factory Solution with GE Predix. We’ve created a model of a factory floor that is controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC). Learn how HPE Edgeline technology and Predix, GE’s industrial cloud-based platform, together create a computer vision solution that provides real time analysis capability, monitoring the plant environment and directing a robotic arm to sort products based on criteria such as size or color.

Smart Manufacturing Solution with National Instruments Converged OT. This auto-manufacturing demo uses a car door assembly line testing process to show quality control at the edge. It showcases HPE Edgeline EL1000 with National Instruments’ PXI measurement and automation platform, together with SAP’s Leonardo digital innovation system. Via a PXI card, Edgeline can hook into the automobile’s CAN bus system – the standard network built into many cars – to test components (in this demo, a door) live as they come down the assembly line.


Other Industrial IoT demos:

TurnKey IoT Appliance with Deloitte, National Instruments, and PTC. This pre-configured solution for high-impact IoT use cases integrates HPE technologies with best-of-breed analytics, software, infrastructure, security, and professional services from our partners. We’ll show how the solution can perform condition monitoring of a motor to predict failures.

Condition Monitoring Solution with National Instruments Converged OT and PTC. This solution enables plant owners and operators to proactively detect and diagnose faults for optimal performance, longer uptime, and lower mean time to repair. We’ll demonstrate how the solution can monitor a pump to predict failures. The demo also showcases how new technologies such as augmented reality and Microsoft HoloLens virtual reality can be applied to the industrial operations world.


The Internet of Things is like no other innovation wave we’ve seen, and it calls for a different approach to partnership and use case exploration. We think the HPE IoT Innovation Labs exactly fit the bill by providing an environment that supports learning and mutual innovation – a place where you can try out new ideas and figure out what works best for your organization.

To learn more about the Grand Opening, download this one-page overview of the event, or just email us at HPE IoT Innovation Labs contact email.


Stay tuned: We will be providing updates during this grand opening event.
Follow @HPE_IoT for updates.


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