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Industrial digitization and IoT discoveries at HPE Discover


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HPE Discover in Madrid (Nov 28-30) showed the maturing of HPE's IoT capabilities building on the Aruba “mobile first” and Edge compute foundations in Edgeline. Throughout the Discover zone there were multiple demos from HPE and partners. IoT was everywhere, just as it should be because IoT is one of the key enablers for digitization in businesses. IoT is a part of mainstream business.

IoT everywhere was demonstrated in the new partnership with ABB which goes beyond simple measurements and data analysis into the whole manufacturing process equipping manufacturer's applications with intelligence all the way from the edge. This will make outcomes more and more valuable as customers turn sensor data into insights and action to increase the efficiency and flexibility of their industrial processes and drive business innovation. This partnership is a great new example of HPE's partner based approach to IoT.

IoT needs IT technology placed in the operational environments outside IT data centres. At Discover HPE GreenLake Edge Compute, which provides an end-to-end lifecycle framework to accelerate IoT digitization, was announced. The foundation is an on premise pay-per-use model that can include IT support in any non IT environment; throughout a factory a hospital, a shopping mall, etc. It makes the edge easy. 

Discover also highlighted how HPE is using IoT and AI in our own products. For many years customers have benefitted from Intelligent Lights Out (ILO) in our data centre products, an excellent example of embedded IoT around compute platforms. More appeared in Madrid with the cloud-based predictive analytics and machine learning of HPE InfoSight which predicts and prevents problems across the infrastructure stack. This now includes 3PAR storage from Nimble who were acquired in early 2017. Antonio Neri, HPE's next CEO, talked about how AI will fundamentally transforms how IT infrastructure is managed and supported. This realizes digitization and data measurements (IoT) in the middle of business strategy and will be a significant boost for industrial digitization in HPE's customers.

Amongst many other announcements there was a key announcement on how agility in digital foundations is going to happen.  HPE OneSphere is a multi-cloud management solution that provides a unified experience across public clouds, on-premises private clouds and software-defined infrastructure. It works across virtual machines, containerized workloads and bare metal applications, so internal stakeholders can compose hybrid clouds capable of supporting both traditional and cloud-native applications. This creates agility for the broad spectrum of IoT applications from data collection, through analytics into AI.

The IoT market is changing with players finding their roles in the ecosystem. Discover Madrid showed the depth, breadth and innovation HPE brings in providing the digital foundation for digitization and IoT. Many of the presentations are available on line at and click on the ‘see all available videos’ link in the middle of the page.

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