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Learn how HPE is building a sustainable future with IoT: Smart Cities, Agriculture and more


In its broadest sweep, the Internet of Things embraces entire geographies. But it does so by attacking immediate, pressing problems, like how to improve security in cities or help farmers in remote locations grow more crops. Join us at HPE Discover 2017 Madrid, November 28-30, to learn how IoT is – quite literally – changing the world. Here are a few sessions and demonstrations I’d strongly recommend:

GettyImages-488824260_super_800_0_72_RGB.jpgCan IoT solve world hunger? (Session B4438)
The world’s population will increase to an estimated 9 billion people by 2050; researchers predict agricultural output must double to meet increasing demand. Can IoT innovation enable precision agriculture to keep up? Maximizing output and efficient use of resources even in very remote locations, by targeting microclimates and water/nutrient use, is key. Hear how Purdue University is using HPE technology to help develop and deliver a digital agriculture program that will revolutionize farming and food production for a growing global population.

DEMO: Smart agriculture: HPE is optimizing a palm plantation’s operations with data-driven intelligence. The same technology can be applied across industries to improve efficiencies. Come see how the HPE remedies these issues and helps transform cities to be more efficient.

Future cities put IoT to work for citizens and governments (Session T4377)HPE20160525189_800_0_72_RGB.jpg
With increased connectivity options and sensors on every street light, bus, trash bin and utility line, municipalities can use their assets more strategically to reduce costs and enhance economic development. Future city technologies are enabling delivery of better services, greater security and improved civic engagement. Come to this session to learn how HPE is helping deliver these innovative services today in cities around the globe.

DEMO: The citizen-centric future city: Governments worldwide are moving towards ‘digital by default’ public services and government as a platform that can more dynamically and securely adapt to citizen and global demand.

Connected planes, trains and automobiles (Session IF4673)HPE20160525044_800_0_72_RGB.jpg
Connected vehicles are rapidly disrupting transportation as we once knew it. Technical advances are rapidly evolving route optimization, entertainment services, performance optimization, service management and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. This session highlights how vehicle manufacturers, operators, repair/maintenance organizations and service providers are developing next-generation offerings to create more profitable revenue streams.

DEMO: Connected car: The HPE Universal IoT Platform can be deployed in the connected vehicle market to provide value-added services, beyond the telematics and infotainment

Video surveillance: the universal IoT sensor (Session B4668)GettyImages-683898318_super_800_0_72_RGB.jpg
Cameras can help you understand your customers, alert you to security issues, confirm that your products ship out completely and help assess traffic issues. Nigel Upton, worldwide general manager, and Gerald Kleyn, Manager of Edge Compute products, will share best uses across cities, security and industrial environments.

DEMO:  Video surveillance for future cities: Sending every bit of video data from the thousands of cameras at edge back to a traditional data center or cloud for processing is often too slow, leading to a high latency of reaction.

I hope you can join us at HPE’s premier technology event of the year! You can Register for HPE Discover 2017 Madrid here.

To see more sessions and create your event schedule, check out our Custom Agenda Builder.

Follow us on @HPE_IoT for more IoT news during the event.DiscoverRegistration_FB_MADRID_preview.jpeg


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