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National Instruments and HPE: Historic partnership transforms Industrial IoT



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by JR Fuller (@JRFuller321)
WW Business Development Manager for IoT Edgeline Systems

Manufacturing, utilities, and oil & gas companies have been gathering troves of raw data since well before the Internet of Things was a thing. For decades, jet engines, wind turbines, oil rigs, and factory machines have collected big analog data about voltage, motion, light, sound, acceleration, particulates, vibration, moisture, and more at the farthest reaches of the network. But industries have never had the compute power and technology to process that data and turn it into real-time, data-driven decisions at the “edge” (on premise, away from the data center and closer to the “things”) —until now.

At Discover 2016 Las Vegas, Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced a historic partnership with National Instruments (NI) and revealed the industry’s first entrants into a new product category, Converged IoT Systems, which includes two new products that will make the Industrial IoT more actionable, secure, and reliable.

Designed for industrial settings in rugged, often remote environments, the groundbreaking HPE Edgeline Converged IoT Systems EL1000 and EL4000 unite NI’s industry-leading expertise in operational technology (OT) with HPE’s proven leadership in information technology (IT) to enable real-world connection for acquiring data and performing powerful computing and analysis at the edge of the network.

Watch this video interview from HPE Discover 2016 Las Vegas with more details about this partnership:

Eliminating complexity and streamlining processes

With HPE’s Edgeline Converged IoT Systems, industries such as manufacturing or oil & gas can realize data center–level compute in remote locations using heavy-duty data capture, analytics, management, and data visualization tools. Companies that need to analyze massive amounts of data can also run HPE Vertica on the Edgeline EL4000. This cutting-edge combination increases data processing speed while minimizing the need to transmit the data back to the data center (off-premise) or cloud. This also reduces latency, bandwidth, and connection costs, as well as enabling machine learning and predictive analytics at the edge.

By pushing computing to the edge and minimizing data transmissions, companies can make better decisions faster. Ultimately, collecting and analyzing data at the edge drives greater productivity and efficiency across all industrial processes; furthermore, it enables data processing in locations where there is extremely limited connectivity. An example of predictive and preventative maintenance solutions that can be delivered in the real world using NI’s PXI and sensors on a Flowserve industrial pump can be found here. This connected pump sends data directly to an Edgeline EL1000 Converged IoT System for anomaly detection. If an anomaly is detected—such as cavitation or bearing vibrations—the system can predict how soon a part will fail or if a part needs to be ordered. With PXI integrated in the Edgeline systems, customers no longer need an extra device between the pump and the server.

Photos of the IoT pump in action:










Melding IT and OT to get IIoT

The mission—to join two separate worlds—is at the heart of HPE’s partnership with National Instruments. HPE brings the information technology (IT), while NI brings the operational technology (OT) to the industrial IoT.

NI’s operational technology extracts and digitizes industries’ big analog data, while HPE’s technology computes, analyzes, and illustrates the insights. In fact, only HPE’s Edgeline Converged IoT Systems have NI’s PXI technology co-located within the same device, enabling industries to collect analog data in remote fields (like on oil rigs, across factory floors, and in scientific labs) and digitize that data for analysis on premise—on the same system.


 National Instruments has a 40-year track record of developing test and measurement systems for high-tech manufacturing, the automotive industry, and electric companies. As the pioneer of PXI, the open instrumentation standard used by all industrial edge devices, NI is the leader in acquiring data from real world environments and controlling industrial systems.

In collaboration with National Instruments and other industry and tech partners, HPE has also built the unique hands-on IoT Innovation Labs, next-generation proof of concept environments. Customers around the globe can interact with the “things” of the IoT in their normal industrial settings, participate in practical IoT use cases, and test HPE’s newest IoT technologies with their own software and test data.

To learn more about HPE and NI’s pioneering work on Edgeline IoT Systems, visit our booth at NI Week, August 1–4. We will be at booth #1008 and are also sponsoring the HPE Recharge Lounge on the show floor.

Additionally, we will be on stage with NI in two keynotes. We will co-host the Engineering Impact Awards dinner (where the winner of the HPE Edgeline Big Analog Data Award will be announced), and we will also speak at a Data Day session.

Stay up to date in real time at the event by following @HPE_IoT and @HPE_Servers on Twitter.  You can also stay informed with tweets from our onsite experts: @JRFuller321, @ImKristenReyes, and @TomBradicichPhD

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